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Ersa company was created in Turkey. We have the experience of producing different boxes for 11 years and 4 years of gathering all information, producing, selling and teaching the methods of working of all kinds of box machineries. Those collaborator companies in the manufacturing parts of these machines of us have more than 20 years of experience of work. We produce any different kind of box machineries and all the required equipment for producing the box and all are with the best and the highest quality available. We are to announce with pride that we are the first and the only company in the world that sells customized machines. You can have all the other information in the products part.

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We are ready here to give all kind of services to all around the world including producing, sending and teaching the machineries.
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Customized machineries were created to make the producing easier faster and more accurate. It is the result of the years of related companies' hard working.

These machines are produced step by step according to the related world standards so that they have all the standards needed to be taken.

Ersa company and the collaborating companies with the years of working in this field were ready to make this concept international.

According to the new idea of these machineries we are ready to accept companies from all over the world for our products to be representant.

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