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About Project

WSD series automatic edge wrapping machine is used to prepress the positioned paper and cardboard to wrap two sides, press angle, front and back sides, and even the whole process, automatically realize four edges, high precision, fast speed, and beautiful angle, strong edge wrapping.

It is the first choice for printing and packaging enterprises to produce hardcover book case, wall calendar, desk calendar, folder, book box, moon cake box, notebook cover, makeup box, high-grade gift box and other batch production equipment.

The machine adopts the man-machine interface operation, PLC computer drive to complete a series of actions such as angle pressing and edge wrapping, so that the product edge wrapping is beautiful and strong. The use of PLC computer drive control improves the stability and reliability of the machine.

Automatic four side covering machine is used to make hardcovers, notebook covers, desk calendars, hanging calendars, book-type boxes, files and irregular covers, etc. positioned well issue paper and cardboard, through the re-press,fold both sides of edge, pressure angle, fold edges of front and back,it can fold four sides automatically. Not only high precision, high speed, and fold the angles beautiful, fold the sides perfectly. This machine is the preferred equipment mass production of hardcover.