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This machine can be matched with peripheral equipment, and it can be used as a flow box to produce a variety of gift boxes, hard boxes and other packaging boxes.This machine has an indirect heating and temperature control system, which can be applied to the place where the working environment is low. Widely used in printing and packaging, paper box, carton, book cover making and fabric sample volume producing industry.

 Automatic Hard Cover Rigid Box Gluing Machine Use Hot Melt Glue

Function and features:
1.Automatic gluing machine is suitable for feeding and gluing the paper which is for making book cover, rigid box, set up box, etc.
2.It has the function of automatic feeding paper and gluing, automatic temperature control and 24-hours timer.
3.The draft fan under the assembly lines prevents cover paper from curling and bubbling.
4.Feeder absorption and feed are applied, which contribute to the characteristic of steady and quick paper conveyance.
5.Hot melt adhesives (animal adhesives) are used for health and environmental protection, and they also save cost because of the recycle system and the adjustable speeds.
1, Standard 4.2m working table; 6.2m, 8.2m working table can be customized per to the customer’s need.
2, Remodel for white glue.